How to Make Your NYC Vacations Cheaper:
A Resident Shares Her Secrets

If you are planning a vacation, staycation or just an evening in NYC, you've found the complete guide to getting rock-bottom, very cheap prices and visitor discounts for top-quality tourist attractions, hotels and all types of accommodations, theater tickets, restaurants, parking, shopping, zoos, walking tours, movies, and much, much more. Check out all the categories to the left, click, plan, enjoy, save.

Stretch your dollar and the length and quality of your trip by spending smart! This is an ideal time to visit the big apple--it's a buyer's market and I encourage you to take advantage of it. I will teach you how to explore and enjoy NYC while spending next to nothing.

You'll Discover:

  • Broadway and off-Broadway Shows for $4.00. We saw the Broadway show "The 39 Steps" for $3.50, "In the Heights" for $4.00 and "Blue Man Tube" for .1 cent--no, you don't need an eye doctor!

  • Tourist Attractions At Discounted Prices! Your family of 2, 3 or 4 will probably want to see many attractions during your vacation--discounts for each attraction for each member of your family equals HUGE savings!

  • Discounts for Music and Dance events: or free!

  • Awesome Ideas and Tips for Holiday Fun: including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, fantastic parades and more!

  • Best buys for Restaurants! You can dine at the finest restaurants for very little...if you know how. I'll share my tricks.

  • Super Discounts and Tips for Traveling Around NYC: including subways, buses, and parking! How about paying just $10.00 for 12 hour parking? A great option if you're visiting for the day, evening or anytime! How about a FREE ride home?

  • Secrets for Cheap Transportation To NYC: uncover hidden ways to get very cheap airline and bus fares, and how to share a ride to NYC for peanuts!

  • High Quality, Discounted, Sleep Accommodations: Sleep in a great hotel for less; a gorgeous apartment that sleeps 6 for $999 a week; a clean, a friendly hostel starting at $30; or on someone's couch for FREE! I will introduce you to very budget-friendly sleep alternatives that you probably never considered. Alternatives that will enhance the quality of your vacation and leave extra money to spend on whatever you choose.

  • Discount Clothing Stores, Fantastic Sample Sales, Couture Consignment Shops, Discount Shoe Stores and Wedding Dresses: Discover all the hot spots!

  • Free and Discounted Walking Tours: See the big apple through a new perspective!
    Ready to begin? Check out the columns to the left that are of interest and start planning your trip! Take pleasure in knowing that you paid substantially less than the person next to you!
    Jill E, Basic Author

    More Tourist Attractions, Sports, Nightlife, and more!! Additionally, this website is updated daily, so check back frequently!

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    I'll Share Countless Ways to Get Cheap Movie Tickets and FREE Movie Tickets in NYC and other cities!
    New York City Concerts: Enjoy Music for Peanuts or Free
    Get Secrets, Discounts and Deals For Scoring Cheap Tickets to Music and Dance New York City Concerts
    Free TV Show Tickets: Fantastic Entertainment Opportunities
    Learn how to get free TV show tickets to your favorite shows taped in NYC! Go behind the scenes, participate in a studio audience, see your favorite stars, and enjoy a pre-show comedien--FOR FREE!
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    NY Aquarium: Discount Secrets and Valuable Visitor Information
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    NYC gardens: Three City Refuges For A Song
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    New York City Museums: Secrets To Free and Discounted Entrance Fees
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    New York City Attractions: Where, When, How, and For Less!
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    Madame Tussauds NYC: Pure Fun For All Ages!
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    New York City Pass Discount Cards: Which One Is Right For YOU?
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    Shopping In New York City? Don't Sacrifice Quality! Get Discount Secrets From Me
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    New York City Walking Tours: Free and Discounted!
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    Visiting A New York Zoo? Great Choices , Lots of Discounts
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    NYC Parades: Free, Unique and Fun!
    NYC Parades are reknown for their lavishness and uniqueness! From the Easter Parade to the Halloween Parade, get my great tips on where to watch, times, locations, and more!
    Easter Holiday: Best Guide To Discounted Fun
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    Halloween Fun: Discounted and Free
    New York City is the place for Halloween Fun! We take it seriously! I've found you the best free and discounted parades, ghost walks, cruises, meals, to ensure your holiday is the best ever!
    Thanksgiving In New York City: Resident Shares Best Things To Do & See
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    Christmas In New York City: An Endless Array of Holiday Fun!
    Long Time Resident Offers Best and Discounted Ways to Ensure Your Christmas in New York City is filled with Wonder and Magic. Follow my helpful tips and suggestions that you won't find anywhere else
    Christmas window displays: Start Your Own Free Family Tradition
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    New Years Eve in NYC: Awesome Low Cost and Free Options
    Spending New Years Eve in NYC? It will be a holiday that you'll never forget. Select from lots of low cost and even free options to see the new year in!
    Vacation Packing List for Your NYC Vacation: Great Tips from A Resident
    Preparing a vacation packing list will help to ensure the most enjoyable and stress-free vacation possible. Forget to bring something as simple as an umbrella, and you can be sure that there will be a
    Visitor Suggestions and Discount Tips
    Contribute your NYC visitor suggestions and discount tips so other fellow visitors can enjoy and learn from you! While you're at this site, get fantastic discount deals and tips for everything in NY
    New York City Visitors: Share YOUR Stories
    Learn from other New York City Visitors and Residents: what they recommend, what they don't, secret tips, hidden treasures. Add yours too!
    New York City Weather: Up-To-Date Information To Enhance Your Visit
    Knowing about seasonal New York City weather is important when selecting your visit time. A resident will give you the truth about seasonal weather, when to visit, what to see and what to pack!
    New York City Webcams: Visit Real Time!
    New York City webcams are an exciting way to experience the big apple in real time including tourist attractions, holidays like New Year's Eve in Times Square and more. The best webcams are here!
    NYC Visitor Discounts Website: Meet the Editor and Creator
    Meet the editor and creator of the NYC Visitor Discounts Website. Learn how and why she created this site, her background, and the special skills set that she brings to your vacation!
    Cheap Bus Tickets to New York City: How to Find Them
    I'll show you the many (many unknown) to find very, very cheap bus tickets to New York City, even $1! You can make your NYC vacation cheaper than you'd even imagine! I'll show you how!
    Cheap Flights to New York: Learn How To Score Them Easily!
    Discover the many unique ways to score cheap flights to New York. This pages provide lots of ideas beyond the 'usual.' You must read this before you book your tickets.
    Share a Ride to New York City!
    Share a Ride to NYC for the ultimate in saving money, tolls, and gas to the big apple! I'll share the pros, cons, and where to find suitable drivers and/or riders! Use your saved money for NYC fun!
    New York City Transportation: Easy, Fast & Cheap
    New York City Transportation: I'll show you how to get around NYC, which mode is best for your group, and how to park very cheaply, if not free!
    New York City Airports: Cheap Travel Options To Your Destination
    Get The Important Facts About All 3 Major New York City Airports Including the Cheapest, Fastest Way to Get To Manhattan and The Other Boroughs
    Kennedy Airport: Cheap, Fast, Easy Transportion to Get You There!
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    Cheap Baseball Tickets in NYC: Secrets For Finding Them!
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    Finding Cheap Basketball Tickets in NYC: As Low as $4 per ticket!
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    US Tennis Open Championship: Hidden Ways To Attend For Less!
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    NYC Hotels: Discover Fantastic Options for All Budgets
    Finding great, NYC hotels just got easy. Here is a huge array of great choices! No need to max out your credit card, just spend smarter.
    Cheap Prom Dresses: Where To Find Them!
    Find the most unique and extensive ideas for scoring cheap prom dresses that are high quality, couture, and designer made. My info is guaranteed to guide you to your dream dress... for less.
    Time Share Rentals in NYC: Luxury Does Come Cheap!
    Consider Time Share Rentals in NYC, luxurious accommodations, great locations, and very easy on your wallet! Resident shares tips and locations.
    Sitemap: An Easy Way to Find Things FAST!
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