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Kennedy Airport is located in the county of Queens, about 12 miles from lower Manhattan. It is a HUGE airport, providing national and international flights out of eight terminals. If you are flying in from another country, you will fly into this airport or Newark Liberty International Airport.

Kennedy Airport offers a wide variety of shops including restaurants of all price ranges, boutiques, convenience stores, book stores, a full-service spa and an arcade game area.

Here is a map of John F. Kennedy Airport:


There is no one train that takes you directly from Kennedy Airport to Manhattan. However, I’ve listed the fastest and cheapest methods—don’t despair it can be done! Here are your options for traveling from this airport to Manhattan:

Using your unlimited Metrocard or your regular Metrocard, Grab the Q10 bus at Kennedy Airport Terminal 4. This will take you to the Kew Gardens/Union Turnpike subway station where you can get the E or F trains to just about anywhere in Manhattan and other boroughs. Another cheap option is to or take the Q3 from Kennedy Airport Terminal 4 and ride it to Jamaica Center/179th Street subway station where you can get the E, J or Z trains. The travel time will take you from 1 hour to 1½ hours all for $2.75!!!!

Another Cheapo – Subway/Airtrain Combo to JFK Airport via Sutphin Blvd.
Another cheap method is the subway/JFK Airport Airtrain method. From a Penn Station starting point, the E train will take you to the LIRR/JFK Airport Airtrain (Sutphin Blvd.) station in about 45 minutes, and then it's a 12-15 minute ride to the airline terminals. The cost is always $5 (children under 5 years old ride for free) plus subway fare of $2.75, and the E train runs 24 hours a day. The E train runs every 8-10 minutes during the day, and every 20 minutes after midnight

Backup Cheapo Method – Subway/Airtrain Combo to JFK Airport via Howard Beach
Another route to JFK Airport using the subway/Airtrain combo is to take an A train from Midtown Manhattan to Howard Beach – the ride is mostly subway with a little Airtrain thrown in for the last leg. The JFK Airport Airtrain station is on the upper level at Howard Beach. Travel time to Howard Beach from Penn Station is 60 minutes, and you must take an A train going to Far Rockaway-Lefferts Blvd. - other A trains do not stop there. Far Rockaway-bound A trains run about every 15 minutes during the day, and every 30 minutes after midnight. Once at Howard Beach, the Airtrain ride to the terminals takes about 12 minutes. The JFK Airport Airtrain runs every 4-8 minutes during the day, and every 12 minutes at night. A free JFK Airport Airtrain shuttle connects all the terminals, and the JFK Airport Parking areas.

For more information on any of these travel methods call 718-330-1234 or log on to


Buses run from 5:00 am - 11:30 pm, every 20-30 minutes, 7 days a week. Fare is $17 one way, $30 round trip. One free child under 12 is included in the fare. The ride takes about one hour and you can get off at Grand Central Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station or Bryant Park.  If you get off at Bryant Park, you can transfer to a smaller van and be dropped at your hotel if it's located between 23 and 63 Streets.  Check the website carefully for details. You can buy a ticket online at or at the airport.


The Airtrain is a monorail train service that runs between Kennedy Airport and the Long Island Rail Road trains, New York City subways, and local buses. It can also be used to transport you around the airport to other airline terminals, parking lots, hotel shuttle areas and rental car facilities. It runs 24 hours a day and costs $5.00, with children under 5 traveling for free. It's completely FREE when traveling within the airport to the other terminals etc.

Long Island Railroad and Air Train Combo LIRR / Airtrain Combo to JFK Airport

This is a reliable and pretty easy way to travel to Manhattan. Hop on the Airtrain and take it to the Long Island Railroad Station in Jamaica, about a 15 minute ride. From there, take the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station in Manhattan about a 20 minute ride. Long Island Rail Road trains and the JFK Airport Airtrain run 24 hours a day. Be sure your LIRR train stops in Jamaica, because some trains bypass that station. The LIRR fare varies with travel time: during the afternoon rush, the LIRR fare to Jamaica is $10.00, making your total cost $15. During other weekday hours, the LIRR fare is $7.25, for a total fare of $12.25. On weekends, you can ride the LIRR to Jamaica for a special City Ticket fare of just $4.25 – making the total cost of your trip to JFK Airport only $9.25.

Want to save big? Buy a 10-Trip Air Train Metrocard for just $25.00 or a 30-Day AirTrain Metrocard is just $40.00. Need more information? Call 1-877-JFK-AIRTrain or 1-877- 535-2478.


There are a few vans running between JFK Airport and Manhattan. I recommend Go Airlink NYC. It offers 24/7 JFK Airport Transportation with pick up at the airport and drop off at your exact location. It's easy and very well priced.


If you feel more comfortable taking a taxi to or from Kennedy Airport, try to link up with someone at the taxi stand. You’ll save a lot of money if you share a cab. Depending on the time of day, traffic can be tough, or, it can take about 30 to 45 minutes. There is $45 flat fare (plus tolls) to any Manhattan location. Taxis are available outside of every terminal.


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