How to Find Cheap Bus Tickets
to New York City

Getting cheap bus tickets to NYC has never been easier! Given that competition is rampant these days, you are in a unique position to get to New York City for very, very little money! Lots of discount and bargain bus lines
have sprung up over night to offer you absolutely amazing deals. It’s a super alternative to driving because you will save big on gas, tolls, wear and tear on your car, parking in New York City and the like. Some of the routes are SO cheap, that they cost substantially less than just the tolls! Additionally, you can relax, read, sleep, work on your computer work (all have WiFi and seat plug-ins) on the bus and arrive more refreshed. All buses make at least one stop for a food and bathroom break. Here are some tips for securing the best, cheap bus tickets to New York City:

Use GoToBus.Com a search engine that functions like Kayak and Expedia that is designed to get you cheap bus tickets to New York City by aggregating fares and schedules from many bus companies. It searches 85 cities across 19 states including Vancouver, Canada and Tijuana, Mexico and scans almost 200 bus companies. They also have a great frequent traveler program that allows you to earn free tickets! This site also includes very cheap vacation packages—some so low that you won’t believe your eyes.

Click the box below to access GoToBus easily so you can check out routes of interest:


  • The earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket. All the discount bus lines promote $1 fares for the first few who book. This is absolutely true as I’ve tried it.

  • Many of these discount bus lines even offer rewards programs. Sign up, take a certain amount of trips and you are rewarded with a free trip. I’ve given you all the information below.
  • Many travel companies now use Twitter to market their exclusive deals to followers. Simply sign up for a free account at and start following the companies you like. In addition, try entering “bustoNYC.”

  • Use, another search engine that gets you cheap bus tickets to New York City by aggregating fares and schedules from many bus companies. Bus Junction searches 30 cities and includes all the top bus lines including Megabus, Bolt bus, Vamoose, etc.

  • When searching for cheap bus tickets to New York City on each bus lines’ website, you will see a box that says “Promotions.” Use a Google search box below to find a promotion code. How? Enter in the name of the bus line, followed by a plus sign, followed by the word “coupons.” For example, Megabus + Coupons. You may find a code to insert into the promotions box that will give you an even lower rate.

  • Not sure if it's cheaper to drive or to take the bus? Chances are that it's cheaper to take the bus given insane gas prices and tolls not to mention wear and tear on your car and you. Fuel Cost Estimator ( does the math for you.


Bolt Bus offers service to NYC from:
-Baltimore, MD
-Boston, MA
-Cherry Hill, PA
-Greenbelt, MD (Metrorail Intermodal Station)
-Newark, NJ
-Philadelphia, PA
-Washington, DC

Bolt Bus ( a popular discount bus with amenities such as free WIFI, 3 inches of additional leg room, power plug-ins, air conditioning, a bathroom, and reserved seating. A simple call to 1-877-BOLTBUS (1-877-265-8287) also allows you to speak directly with an operator and book advance purchase fares. Round trip fares from Washington DC as low as $30 and Round trip fares from Boston as low as $20! But book just a few weeks in advance and you secure a $1 fare. I did.


Sign up here for the rewards program at Make eight trips on Bolt Bus and you’re eligible for a free one-way ticket trip.

1) Riders with A tickets (noted on your ticket) board the bus first. If you buy a ticket online without creating a BoltBus account or logging in, you get a C ticket, which means you board last...and probably get the least desirable seat.

2) Arrive early. BoltBus guarantees you a seat on your ticketed bus provided you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to departure to claim your seat. At 5 minutes prior to departure, any unclaimed seats are released to walk-up and standby passengers. So EVEN if you have a ticket, if you arrive late, you may not have a seat.


DC2NY Bus offers Service to NYC from:
-Washington, DC
-Fairfax, VA
-Delaware Beaches in Summer

DC 2 NY ( provides service from Washington, DC to New York City, dropping off at the Penn Station Area. One way fares start at $30, round trip is $55. However, sign-up to become a member (for free) and you’ll enjoy reduced fares of $28 one way and $50 round trip. One way walk-up fare is $35. Buses have free WIFI, plug-ins, and clean restrooms.


Log on to and you'll receive special pricing, earn frequent traveler reward points toward free trips and receive special promotions and discounts.


Megabus offers Service to NYC from:
Albany, NY
Amherst, MA
Ann Arbor, MI
Athens, GA
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Binghamton, NY
Birmingham, AL
Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Airport, NY
Burlington, VT
Chicago, Champaign, IL
Chattanooga, TN
Charlotte, NC
Christianburg, VA
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Columbia, MO
Columbus, OH
Dallas/For Worth, TX
Des Moines, IA
Detroit, MI
Durham, NC
East Lansing, MI
Erie, PA
Fairhaven, MA
Gainesville, FL
Grand Rapids, MI
Hampton, VA
Harrisburg, PA
Hartford, CT
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Iowa City, IA
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO
Knoxville, TN
Las Vegas, NV
Lexington, KY
Little Rock, AR
Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Madison, WI (University of Wisc.)
Memphis, TN
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Mobile, AL
Montgomery, AL
Morgantown, WV
Nashville, TN
New Brunswick, NJ
New Haven, CT
New Orleans, LA
New York City
Newark, DE
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, ME
Princeton, NJ
Providence, RI
Reno, NV
Richmond, VA
Ridgewood, NJ
Riverside, CA
Rochester, NY
Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Saratoga Springs, NY
Secaucus, NJ
Sparks, NV
St. Louis, MO
St. Paul, MN
State College, PA Storrs, CT
Syracuse, NY
Toledo, OH
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Washington, D.C.

Megabus ( provides very comfortable luxury single and double decker buses with free WiFi, at-seat plug ins, bathrooms, and panoramic windows. A quick check for dirt cheap prices showed incredible cheap bus tickets to New York City. An example? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to New York City, a 7.5 hour ride, for as low as $15! Another example of cheap bus tickets to New York City? How about Washington, DC to New York City as low as $9.00 Unbelievable, right!? The earlier you book, the better the fare. You can snag a ticket for as low as $1. Megabus currently serves nearly 50 cities in North America from hubs in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Toronto. Friends of mine who frequently travel the Megabus to from Pittsburgh to NYC give it high marks in all areas. This is a good bet when looking for cheap bus tickets to New York City.


Service to NYC From
-Foxwoods Casino
-Providence, RI
-Washington, DC
-Many other Cities

Peter Pan Bus ( provides non-stop bus services from lots of destination (see above and their website) to New York City. You’ll find reserved seating, a bathroom, majority of buses (not all) have free WiFi and electrical outlets. Seats to from Boston are as low as $14 and seats from Philadelphia are as low as $6! Talk about cheap bus tickets to New York City. Now you’re talking!


Click here for a wide assortment of discounts and promotions! Special discounts for the military, children, students, and commuters.


Service to NYC From
-Bethesda, Maryland
-Arlington, Virginia

Tripper Buses offer cheap bus tickets to New York City complete with comfortable seating, plug-ins to charge your cell phone or laptops, restrooms, and WiFi. Regular fares are $27 each way (some are a little higher) but you can take advantage of their regular specials and promotions. The New York City pick up and drop off location is conveniently located near to Penn Station/Macy’s--on the NW corner of 31st Street and 8th Avenue.


Click here to learn about the best promotions including buy four regular tickets and receive a FREE TICKET. In addition, Tripper Bus fares start at $1! Other specials include $15 tickets (each way). Buy 6 tickets and get a free trip!



Service to NYC From:
-Washington, DC
-Bethesda, MD
-Arlington, VA
-Lorton, VA

Vamoose Bus provides service between New York City and the Washington DC Metropolitan area, with stops in Bethesda, Maryland, Arlington, Virginia, and Lorton, Virginia. It offers more amenities which you will pay for, though not a fortune. Their standard bus costs $30 one way and features free WiFi, a bathroom, air conditioning, and comfortable seating.

The Gold Bus costs $50 one way and features full-size coach outfitted with only 36 seats (compared with 56 seats on standard buses), comfortable reclining plush leather seats, 50% more leg room, 25% more width per seat, folding tray-table and cup holder at every seat, conveniently located power outlets capable of charging your phone, iPod or laptop; complimentary unlimited Internet access, clean restrooms.


Sign up here for the Vamoose Rewards Program and receive points redeemable for free trips! The accumulated points have no blackout dates, no initial or annual fees, and never expire.


Here are a few more bus companies to check out when searching for cheap bus tickets to New York City:

Eastern Travel


Horse Run Tour: from Atlanta to NYC.

I-95 Coach: which offers a New York-to-Orlando trip



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