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There are many ways to score cheap flights to New York. Prices fluctuate up and down! But there are many ways to get lower priced fares, you just have be exposed to all the options. All
you need is a little education…from me. To start, as with buying discounted Broadway show tickets, I encourage you to be open-minded as to all the many options available for obtaining low fares to NYC. There are many. Just because you haven’t used some of these methods before, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start. You should. Review all options below.

Have you considered taking a bus! to New York City? The prices are truly phenomenal. No gas, tolls, parking, or wear and tear on you or your car.

You can also score cheaply when joining a a car pool. And don't forget the train and driving too!


The good news is that traveling to New York means you can choose from several airports: This means there are more cheap flights to New York from which to choose!

More flights mean more competition and and better options for you! You can almost always find cheap flights to New York if you are willing to look around between different airports, airlines, and dates. Click here for information on all 3 New York City airports including transportation to/from Manhattan.

The 3 main airports in New York City are:


  • Try to fly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, when fares can be less and there are fewer people in the airport.
  • Remember that when you search online for the same trip repeatedly in the course of an hour, it appears to the search engines that this ticket is in very high demand. The central database (the one which all ticket sellers are tapping into) constantly tracks the frequency that various trip combinations are being searched. If the number of searches skyrockets, so will the fare. If you experience this, and the trip is over a month in the future, wait a day or two and search again. You will find that the fare has probably decreased.
  • If you book a trip 1 to 6 months in advance it's usually the cheapest. If you book it over 6 months or under 1 month, it is more expensive. Likewise, staying 8 days instead of 6 days will often reduce the price.
  • Know the airlines' cancellation policy. If you book trips that include two different airlines and you cancel, EACH will charge you a huge amount if you have to cancel. Book smartly so that cheap flights to New York remains as such.
  • Flexibility is key. By shifting a departure back from a Thursday to a Wednesday you, you will save yourself some money. Try lots of combinations of departure and return days and you’ll be saving big.
  • Remember to check for the senior citizen rate! Ask!
  • Book through Travelocity. I have personally found that I get much better fares on Travelocity than on Orbitz and other similar sites.


As most of you know, there are many search engines that you can use to obtain cheap flights to New York. These include Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, Hotwire, Kayak, Cheapotickets etc.

There ARE many other search engines from which to choose. It's my personal opinion that Travelocity provides the lowest fares around. I've spent a lot of time searching all the available sites in many ways. I've submitted the same departure and return dates from the same city on ALL the sites, on multiple occasions. I have found the Travelocity returns the best fares, every time.

However, in the interest of fairness, I've provided other search engines that you don't always hear about. They include:

Airfare Watch Dog
Provide your e-mail address and the airports to which you’d like to travel. They'll notify you when a good fare is available. Alternatively, you can search their companion site, Booking Buddy (www.bookingbuddy) for a thorough search of all airlines to your destination.

ITA Software
A little complicated site that allows you to search out the best fares and routes. Although ITA doesn’t let you book tickets, it directs you to other sites or travel agents.

Last Minute
As the name suggests, you can snag last minute flights, vacations, hotels, and more for a very reduced rate.

The Mobissimo search engine performs real-time queries of the multiple websites that travelers traditionally check manually plus dozens of others that are often overlooked.

Side Step
Side Step searches over 200 travel websites to bring you great value on the web. You can sign up for a daily email alert about the ticket price. This will tell you if the price has gone down or up from the previous day. This will ensure that you snag cheap flights to New York!

Vayama is a booking site that specializes in international flights and is known to have access to private deals unavailable elsewhere.

Travel Fusion
Travel Fusion compiles prices and travel results from third party suppliers and sends you directly to these sites to complete the ticketing. Readers seeking cheap flights to New York have reported getting lower prices at this site than at Kayak.

Travelocity has consistently provided me with the best fares around.

Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor features a flight search engine that includes all the well known sites such as Expedia, Orbitz, etc. and the prices include all taxes and fees.

Tracks airfares and predicts, based on historical data and knowledge of the airlines’ pricing details, if a price is going to go up or down in the near future.


Charter flights are one of the most overlooked ways to find cheap flights to New York and many other destinations. Unfortunately, these low-cost charter flights do NOT show up on Expedia and other searches. Two of the most well known are Condor ( Air Transat
When you search and book through these sites is very important. Tuesday seems to be the cheapest day to look and book. You might find a low fare one day, the next day it might rise. So, wait it out until the price comes down again—just a few days. Many of these sites have alerts that will apprise you of when the price comes down.

Save On Airport Parking


Here's a great way to score cheap flights to New York. Working as a courier is one of the most underestimated ways of flying and saving BIG!! What is it? Courier companies sell very cheap airfares in exchange for placing business
documents into your checked luggage which need to get somewhere very quickly. Shipping documents in luggage allows the shipper to bypass many of the typical customs delays. All you have to do is arrive at the airport on time, meet the representative with the ticket, and fly to the destination. You are basically a freelance delivery person to escort cargo by plan. Return flights are usually scheduled anywhere from 2-30 days later. Most of the courier companies need you for the return flight as well, but often you can can “no return service required.” Prices are dirt cheap and often times free. Typically you will pay between 25% and 50% off the regular ticket price. But for those who travel at a moment's notice can enjoy discounts up to 85% off standard fare. Many have also flown free! What do you need to become a courier? Just a valid passport, be at least 18 year’s old and the desire to obtain cheap flights to New York and else where.

  • Courier tickets often begin and end in major airline and shipping hubs–New York, London, LA, Tokyo. If you don’t live in the city of departure, you are responsible for getting there at your own cost. So if NYC is your vacation destination, lots of couriers come here.
  • You must be flexible. You might get a flight on your desired date or you might get one close to it.
  • You can often only take carry on luggage as your check on is used for the documents.
  • You must be willing to travel alone. You only get one ticket. However, you could purchase a second ticket for your travel companion.
  • When courier companies become desperate you can negotiate with them. That’s the best time to score a free ticket.
  • If you work frequently for a courier service, you can become a ‘favorite’ and enjoy lots of free trips.


There are many agencies and websites that serve students and teachers with fantastic fares. Some tickets require student or youth status, however, the good news is that most do not. The following groups provide customers with super requiring cheap fares!

STA Travel
STA Travel has almost 200 offices in many countries around the world. There is one in New York City located at 10 Downing Street, New York, New York. You may use the search engine on the link provided above or telephone them at 212-627-3111 or toll free at 800-777-0112.

Student Universe
Student Universe is an online student and teacher travel agency with very cheap tickets. It is the largest online travel agency for students in the U.S. featuring cheap student travel and especially cheap airline tickets for students. Why use Student Universe? When you are looking for cheap travel you should make sure you get your student discount. Some Student Travel Agencies charge $22 for an identification (ISIC) card, but Student Universe does not.

Council on International Educational Exchange
The Council on International Educational Exchange, in existence since 1947, has loads of U.S. offices that specialize in student and budget travel. Their main office is located at 205 E. 42 St., New York, NY.You can telephone them at 212-661-1414 or 212-661-0311 or toll free at 800-800-8222.


To make your trip as pleasant and relaxing as possible, check out these sites as well. Remember, the more you organize and plan in advance, the better your experience will be.

C Fares
For a $50 annual membership, you’ll enjoy small rebates when you book through C Fares. Although each rebate may range from $8 to $20, it can add up quickly especially if you fly a lot. A reader reported finding a flight from Paris to New York for about $220, less than any other search engine found, plus the rebate, brought it down even more!

Expert Flyer
Don’t settle for a terrible middle seat! Prefer an exit, premium or bulkhead seat? Use Expert Flyer’s tool to snag a better one: “seat alert.” When your desired seat becomes available, you’ll receive an e-mail. This site is great for frequent fliers as it helps search out awards and upgrades! The service, which comes with the site’s $9.99 a month premium subscription, also includes alerts for frequent flier awards and upgrade tickets. You can also get their basic subscription rate of $4.99 per month. Compare and decide.

Seat Expert
Find the best spot in the plane for you! Launched in 2002, Seat Expert includes seat maps for over 50 of the world's top airlines with over 300 detailed seat maps in all! Seat Expert will show you which seats are the most desirable on your next flight, as well as which to avoid at all costs.

Seat Guru
Find the best seat before your fly. As you know, there are huge differences between airline seats on different airlines and different kinds of airplanes. Seat Guru includes more than 700 airplane seat maps from nearly 100 different airlines.


One of the best ways to score FREE and cheap flights to New York is through credit cards. Though I am not a believer in having more than one credit card, applying for credit cards which provide free airline tickets is another thing!

We had mileage points redeemable for 1 United States flight which was expiring unless we flew by the end of the year. We were not planning a flight and only had the one free ticket. However, we were offered a deal. Take out a United Airlines credit card for no fee, spend $250 before year’s end, and earn a free airline ticket. I took the deal, spent the $250 dollars, earned the ticket, and cancelled the card. This might not be ideal for someone who has spending issues—which of course, as author of this website, I do not. (Many of these cards have high interest rates.) But, if you can take the credit card, use the airline tickets, and cancel and shred the card. It’s a fabulous way to get cheap flights to New York or anywhere.


Want cheap flights to New York? Well, this is the ultimate way: FREE. Frequent Flyer clubs provide excellent opportunities for scoring free tickets. If you don’t travel a lot, consider an airline that frequents cities you visit. When you accumulate enough points for a free trip, do book your trip as much in advance as possible. This will avoid certain black out periods. Need helping keep track of your points and knowing when points expire? Try It’s free.

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