New York City Free Hotels:
Via Residents' Spare Rooms
or Couches

For the ultimate in free hotels and cheap sleeping accommodations, you can sleep at a New York City resident's home for free! Yup, free, no money, no green, okay, you've got it. Groups have sprung up around the world that offer the opportunity to connect with locals by sleeping in an extra bedroom or on their couch for free--in short FREE HOTELS. No funny stuff here, these are legitimate organizations that require registration and verification before you can participate. What could be better than staying with an actual New York City resident, making lasting friendships, getting tips on their city, and well, staying in a free hotel? Free is my favorite word--but I guess you figured that out. Most of your vacation budget is usually spent on accommodations. These free hotels allow you to totally remove the cost of accommodations from your budget. You'll have lots of extra money to spend or pocket. But more importantly, you'll experience New York City in a way that others never will.


1. Couchsurfing is a non-profit organization that offers a database of world-wide couches or spare rooms for your vacation. With more than 700,000 members, it seeks to "internationally network people and places, create educational exchanges, raise collective consciousness, spread tolerance, and facilitate cultural understanding." You do not have to offer your home to participate. If you do, you are under no obligation to accept a guest if you choose not to.

Here's a recently posted CS testimonial:

CS has been an integral part of this year's bike tour around the United States. I have had some really great experiences with CS members up the East Coast and I am looking forward to more wonderful visits with members in the other eighteen states that I will be touring in. The visits this year will be turning into lifetime friendships. I've been spreading the word about CS to everybody that I meet.--Rev Johannes Myors (United States)

2. Global Freeloaders is another legitimate organization that allows you to sleep in a New York City home for free, a free hotel. (I'm hyperventilating as I say those words.) It is comprised of a network of people willing to accommodate travellers completely at their own convenience, in any way that they can. You'll receive the inside knowledge, experience, and culture that comes with staying with a local that you'd never be exposed to if staying in a traditional hotel.

Here's a recently posted testimonial from a NYC Global Freeloader:

When I first joined this site, I was a little apprehensive yet excited. I thought no one would ever stay but within weeks of joining I had two requests. I had my first guests (Juliette and Allon from Sydney,Australia). What a great couple and an awesome time with them. Two weeks later, Tom from Philadelphia was passing through on his way to Thailand and he too was quite a nice guy. This is an awesome sight and wish it had been around long ago. Grateful for it now. I am looking forward to meeting more people and encourage anyone needing a place to stay in NYC to contact me. I know I will certainly use GFL when I travel next year. Thanks for this great idea Adam. I have always believed the best experiences in life are the people we come in contact with and the places we travel.--Katarina, New York City, NYC.

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Be sure to consult your New York City street map before selecting a home. Ensure that it is convenient to the majority of attractions you plan to visit or near a subway station or bus stop.


Preparing a vacation packing list will help to ensure the most enjoyable and stress-free vacation possible. Forget to bring something as simple as an umbrella, and you can be sure that there will be a 5-hour downpour. Be prepared by checking out my packing list and tips.You'll be glad you did!


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