New York City Hot Dogs: 
How To Find The Perfect One!

New York City hot dogs, also call frankfurters, are serious business in the big apple. Hot dogs, (actually just fancy sausages) were originally created in Frankfurt (dah), Germany, in 1852. All said, they are now made by hundreds of companies, each with its own very secret recipe. Ignatz Fischmann is credited with having created the frankfurter roll, sometime in the 1880s, in response to a need for businessmen selling hot dogs. So, it is thought that the hot dog surfaced in NYC around that time. In 1916, a Polish immigrant named
Nathan Handwerker, opened up his famous hot dog stand in Coney Island called “Nathans,” still doing a booming business today. As you might imagine, sales of New York City hot dogs at Nathan’s drew a lot of attention, and before long, frankfurters became big business everywhere. Finding the perfect stand, cart, or restaurant that makes perfect New York City hot dogs is the first step in tasting the big apple's finest. The number of places to purchase a dog are uncountable. Everyone has their favorite. However, here is my list of those dedicated to creating the perfect ‘dawg,’ some with unique special toppings, many of which have won awards. So, if you’re a hot dog connoisseur, or looking for a very low-cost, delicious meal, try at least one of my picks below. See what you think. What is your favorite? Let me know!


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Asia Dogs
66 Kenmare Street
Enjoy delicious Asian-influenced and you can also select from beef, chicken and veggie dogs. I haven't personally tasted the vegetarian hot dogs, but I'm told that they are really good.

Bark Hot Dogs
474 Bergen Street
The hot dogs are made upstate by an Austrian sausage maker using local, high quality ingredients. Its condiments are all made in-house and from scratch.

Crif Dogs
113 St. Marks Place, near Avenue A
This is a favorite with followers saying that their dogs are delicious, high calorie, deep-fried gems. When I visited and had a plain dog on a bun, I thought that they were just okay. The biggest disappointment were the buns. They were plain, old buns that you could have bought at Pathmark.

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26 East 17th Street
Starting out as a food cart, and now a Union Square eatery, Dogmatic rolls their New York city hot dogs in a delicious baguette. You can choose from beef, chicken, pork, turkey, lamb or even asparagus dogs, and add some mint yogurt, jalapeno cheddar or any of the other delicious gourmet sauces!

269 W. 23rd Street, near Eighth Avenue
The New York Times says "Indulgence on a shoe string!" Yum.

Hot Diggity Dog
263 Prospect Park West
Very popular New York City hot dogs with unique toppings and variations.

Gray’s Papaya
402 Sixth Avenue at 8th Street
2090 Broadway
Delicious and cheap.

Katz’s Deli
205 East Houston Street
A New York City institution. There is nothing like a Kosher dog. My husband's favorite.

188 Allen Street
Between 1st Avenue and Stanton Street
This restaurant is centered around, you guessed it, sausages! Although not TECHNICALLY a hot dog, you'll find a fantastic mix of sausage varieties with all sorts of meat that is covered with a variety of toppings on a pretzel bun(!). Some examples include a shrimp-and-scallop sausage topped with cherry tomato relish and creamy dill mustard ($8.50), andouille sausage covered with fennel apple relish and truffle mayo ($8.50), a vegetarian option of eggplant and fennel sausage covered with pepper relish and black garlic mayo. For the cheapest option, try a beef frank ($2.50) with any of the many toppings. The pretzels are delicious for just munching. The shop also serves Brooklyn Beer and pricier brews. Fun!

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs
1310 Surf Avenue
The first authentic NYC dog. Started in 1916.

New York Hot Dog and Coffee
245 Bleeker Street
100% Beef, chicken or soy dogs that are steamed, then grilled producing a very juicy product. Lots of varieties including the Texan, a chili cheese dog that includes cheese, jalapenos and chips.

Old Town Bar & Restaurant
45 East 18th Street
Not fancy but they serve yummy hot dogs on buttered buns. What could be bad? They were even featured on Martha Stewart’s show!

122 Union Street near Columbia Street
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Eight types of wieners, some from legendary Bronx sausage-maker Stahl-Meyer.

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park, Madison Avenue and 23rd Street
366 Columbus Avenue at 77th Street
Many people don’t realize that the Shake Shack actually started as a hot dog stand. Now, it’s a wildly popular place!

Want More Information on
New York City Hot Dogs?

Want to wow your friends and family as you chow down? Check out food historian Bruce Kraig’s book “Bruce Kraig's Hot Dog: A Global History.”
An entertaining and highly-readable book, you’ll learn about the history of this food, from its beginning to its role in today’s American cuisine and  l about how dogs are made, sold, other varieties around the world, recipes for booming entrepreneurs, special websites, and and associations.


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