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Vacation house swap is a concept that has been around since the 1950s when European teachers swapped homes as a cheap way to travel during summer breaks. A vacation house swap is an ideal way to snag totally FREE accommodations for your trip to New York City or any other

destination. Let’s face it, accommodation costs are the largest expense of any vacation. How does it work? You exchange homes with someone for an arranged period of time. Simple, right? If you’ve seen the movie "The Holiday," you’ll have an idea about the appeal of a vacation house swap. There are so many benefits!! A vacation house swap is probably the best and most comfortable way to save a lot of money on your trip. What to do with the enormous savings? Well, I know you’ll think of something!

A vacation house swap is probably one of most overlooked resource for cheap travel. Now, that you've learned about it, let it open your eyes to the many cheap avenues available today to fulfill your travel appetite. Your New York City vacation plans just got a little easier, didn't they? With free accommodations and a full kitchen, the price of your trip will decrease significantly. Read on. 

Benefits to and Rules
for a Vacation House Swap:

  • Your empty home or apartment is used during your time away eliminating your worry about robberies etc.
  • Your home acts as a true benefit and asset.

  • You eliminate ALL hotel costs including taxes.

  • You’ll save even more money with the use of a full kitchen!

  • Sites will share the home’s amenities including car exchange, if pets are welcome, children’s facilities, number of bedrooms, smoke-free home or not, available dates, etc. You’ll be amazed at all the benefits that you can find.

  • House swapping is agreat way to truly become a part of the local culture.

  • You must list your home, a vacation home, or second home to be a member.

  • Many home exchange clubs have membership fees ranging from $29 - $99. This pays for your live listing and is the only fee that you will incur.

  • Vacation house swap clubs do not publish your personal contact information such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address, so you maintain your anonyminity.

  • Most sites guarantee that you will find the home exchange you're looking for or they will extend your membership fee until you do!

  • You may negotiate the care of pets and plants.

  • The best way to start is to do a 'reverse search', which indicates who wants to come to your area.

  • You’ll gain the added benefit of a local’s insight into the best places for dining, recreation, or nearby attractions.

  • Don’t see enough photos on a home listing to answer your questions? Ask for more.

  • Read the listing carefully for special conditions and house rules.

  • Consider asking about housekeeping styles! Are you very neat? Don’t exchange with someone who is piggy. Neither of you will be happy.

  • Check the U-Rate rating. Some sites, such as, offer a feedback rating system which gives you an objective opinion from other members who have stayed in that particular home.

  • Be clear with your expectations on both ends.

  • Leave emergency phone numbers such as a contact person to assist in an emergency, local doctors and dentists, tips about appliances, locks, tv/video equipment or anything that you feel will be helpful to your guest.

  • Inform your insurance agent and your neighbors.


Reliable vacation house swap sites for you to investigate:

Homes for Exchange is an extremely reputable company with a huge variety of homes and apartments from which to choose!
  • offers free searches for homes available for swapping and lists yours for a small fee.
  • Green Theme International, has an emphasis on environmentally-conscious travel.

  • Home Base Holidays:

  • features 37,000 listings in 137 countries. Subscriptions for the international house swap service start at $15.95 for 3 months.

  • Home Link, Membership cost is $90 for one year, the second year is free if no exchange is found.

  • International Vacation Home Exchange:

  • a worldwide house swapping site that's aimed at the design set. You'll find everything from one-bedroom apartments and upward for a $159 membership fee. Given that many listings are second homes, you don't necssarily have to arrange a simulaneous swap.

  • an aggregation of home-exchange listings from several sites. Free membership lets you list your home while premium membership allows open communication with other homeowners for $75 a year.

  • the academic community’s resource for home exchanges and home rentals worldwide since 2000.

Interested in learn about other cheap accommodations? Click here for my extensive list of cheap accommodations in NYC. You'll be surprised to learn how many options are available to you!

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